The proper etiquette of a woman dating in the 1930

29-Aug-2017 23:11

the proper etiquette of a woman dating in the 1930-64

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Guests are not expected to remain more than half an hour after a luncheon. Yet how many wives are there who do not demand resnect ot their husbands?They ask for admiration, devotion, yet know that a man’s nature will not cling, will not be constant, when he cannot look up to the woman he loves.It is always more correct to say “a nice girl” where the word girl is admissible (and nowadays an unmarried woman of forty may pose as a girl provided she looks like one), or where it is not to a allude to a woman as a pleasant or a charming or an attractive woman.You talk of a sweet or a delightful woman, not of a sweet or a delightful “lady,” but in the case of an elderly dame, you occasionally say “a dear old lady” and “such a kind old lady,” “lady” being used as a mark of reverence for age.The lower classes, however, often times did not have the actual space to entertain potential suitors and therefore often met outside the home, popularizing the concept of “going on a date.” However, the devastation of WWI paired with other economic and social upheavals such as Prohibition, the women’s rights movement and the Great Depression brought a change in some of the more strict rules surrounding many societal norms, dating and courtship included.

Not only is the menu shorter than in former years, but the dishes are lighter and not so rich, the equipment of silver, glass and china not so elaborate, and the display of flowers more simple.

Dating and romance in the 1930’s, while all about “having fun,” was decidedly a more formal affair than it is today.

However, the 1930’s saw a departure from the stiff Victorian and Edwardian systems in which a young man “called upon” a woman to whom he was attracted.

Whilst on a date, the magazine suggested that the woman should follow these handy guidelines: 1. Finish all of your dressing in your boudoir, not in the hallway or front room while he is waiting. Don’t tug at your girdle; if you need a brassiere, wear one!

Correct though it is to employ a telephone for social purposes, there have been established certain rules in regard to it, and to offend against them is to show ignorance of etiquette.

Men’s fashion at the time furthered the image of the man as the responsible protector. Caught between the World Wars, they had their own sense of time and place.