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06-Aug-2017 16:25

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"Shameful, just shameful "There's not even Christmas music coming through in the market, and where the heck is Santa?

" Borough regeneration boss Cllr Phil Riley said no event had been planned around the consumption of alcohol.

A Winterfest spokesman said: "The event has been cancelled due to the adverse weather conditions we have been experiencing and the impacts it has had on the event as a whole, keeping in mind health and safety the Ferris wheel was unable to open due to this "Because of this also there were some difficulties our staff had with travel over the weekend.

"We are afraid the weather has closed some of our attractions and unfortunately this decision has been made.

She said: "A skating rink no bigger than my lounge and two roundabouts.

"Where's the Christmas spirit, and I don't mean alcohol.

Tom Phillips said: “Winterfest - closed due to snow. She said: “For whoever was thinking of going to winterfest at Crystal Palace Park! “Honestly it was a joke, we walked miles and miles across the park in the snow to find that the ice rink was melted and there was no father xmas! And I don’t think I stand much chance of getting my money back for ice skating as there is no number to call or anything!

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However one Darwen resident said she was disappointed with what the town had to offer this year and asked 'where the Christmas spirit' was.“There were like two rides and two stalls was an absolute joke!!!