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Why, when the mainly Hindu and Muslim populations lived generally in peace, was the partition so bloody?

More It's an instrument that was played by the Hindu Goddess of learning--Saraswathi, and it resembles the human body to many.

From Homer’s Odyssey to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, the hero myth is ubiquitous.

Sacred stories are fundamental to the major religions, too.

So, how relevant are these ancient myths in modern society? Rock music has its own foundational myth - the musician selling their soul at a crossroads at midnight.

It’s a motif that runs from early blues singers to rock giants like the Stones and Led Zeppelin.

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More With millions of views on You Tube, Sikh performer Manika Kaur is taking her tradition's songs into new musical and technological territories..More Musician David Bridie’s latest project, ‘a Bit na Ta’, reveals the musical and ceremonial life of the indigenous Tolai people of Rabaul in Papua New Guinea.The Tolai have long nurtured their own spiritual connections with the environment.More What does it mean to be a feminist in Saudi Arabia?

And how should we navigate the politics of head coverings?Most of the time it is a couple of thousand dollars, depending upon the size of the home and shrubs.

E, dopo che l’interessato si sarà lasciato incuriosire, trovare materia di conversazione sarà facilissimo!… continue reading »

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If they start living in a dream world, its going to be bad." "Think like men of action and act like men of thought." You will recognize the psychology of gremlins who refuse peace in favor of purposeless conflict, whether rebelling against well tested truths or tearing down civilization so they can gain power. December 24, 2016 Aphorisms VII The perpetual challenge: how can you accurately distill concentrated essence?… continue reading »

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There are as many party favour varieties as are there are engaged couples.… continue reading »

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