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I would like to budget how much I will need for gear beforehand. If you would like to come cycling for a bit or have a couch for me to surf on (in any city because I plan to go where ever there is a host) please reply or PM me, I promise it will be fun.

:)Thank you so much for all the responses, plenty of good advice so far!

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Netherlands,1dsm7m, NSFW - Cultural differences: sexytime at the parents' house,146,11,94, first I wanted to post to /r/sex, but since it's much more a question of culture than anything else, I'm going with /r/Netherlands.

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No wait, let me rephrase that: you can hear the sister's vibrator purr and my girlfriend's parents give each other oral. I won't initiate anything, as I'm petrified to be making a sound, but when my gf starts something, I've no problem getting my little friend up, but I try to keep quiet as a mouse and barely breathe.

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My gf on the other hand -while much quieter than in her student room- makes noises that I KNOW her parents can hear. While I can't understand what they say, I can her the parents *whisper*.It's a serious question, because in all honesty, I don't know what the 'solution' is - this is the house they have to work with, so if you want to get it on, everyone is going to have to enjoy the show. I'm just so incredibly confused, I needed to vent.",, True,nsfw,t5_2r0ol, False,,, True,t3_1dsm7m, 1366493979.0,127,imgur.com,1crinc, John Ewbank is woedend en trekt Koningslied terug,142,15,143, False, Ryq CV3d D.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_1crinc, P, 1370717599.0,128,i.imgur.com,1fxt41, Gemeente Olst just doesn't know what it wants,150,22,12, False, RKQo Is LC.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_1fxt41, IEF.jpg, 1351358048.0,125,fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net,126gnc, Moderne zwervers,146,21,19, False, Tm E48r H4j V9h.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_126gnc,https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/33866_367084693377308_2030084413_n.jpg, 1338300404.0,126,nrc.nl,uabym,"Dutch parliament rejects ACTA, prohibits government to sign or ratify.",140,14,17, False, CSOubcf NEh Mht3.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_uabym, 1325754974.0,128,i.imgur.com,o3s34, My first week of learning Dutch,138,10,87, False, AQpzuxk L-Sf.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_o3s34, J.png, 1358708686.0,125,i45.tinypic.com,16xwjw, Telegraaf and the cause of snow,146,21,14, False, DKBhyj Ds BZRBscg.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_16xwjw, 1371827721.0,123,i.imgur.com,1gsqcn, De langste nacht is geweest! ,146,23,27, False, Yk93a7Xe.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_1gsqcn, 1366230203.0,121,i.imgur.com,1ck1mm,"When I think about Netherlands having a beardless king in 2 weeks from now, I couldn't help but imagine this [OC]",147,26,22, False, False,,, False,t3_1ck1mm, F55q T.jpg, 1376313230.0,123,nrc.nl,1k7deo, Prins Friso is dood.,153,30,116, False, JZk Ohl RM0F6g.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_1k7deo, 1356137113.0,121,youtube.com,1599hm, Holland vs the Netherlands,133,12,37, False, Hwl4r.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_1599hm,