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14-Oct-2017 13:20

A person who claimed to the daughter of the restaurant owner left a message at the Facebook of the volunteer and claimed that they were only selling black goat stew and accused Ho of defamation.

"On account of your ignorance, our manager has to go and make statements at the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department and the police station for the investigation.

His office has sent people to gather evidence at the scene.

They have verified that the restaurant exists, but they haven't found any dogs.

A by-product was the ouster of a total of six pan-democratic legislators.- For the passage of the High Speed Rail Co-location motion, the task was sub-contracted to unemployed Democratic Party member Lam ("Stapler King") Tsz-kin. goggles must be brought."- No such thing had happened.

One of them showed a grown-up dog sitting on a chair.