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12-Aug-2017 03:18

This is perfect for anyone who has to spend ages slugging through reverse image results. Tip: I have a separate "brand monitoring" dashboard on Cyfe where I track my brands religiously.

I have my Gmail inbox widget added to that dashboard too and thus I collect and archive all Plaghunter emails to make sure I have them for my weekly brand monitoring check-ups.

While it is convenient, the downside is that it isn't always that effective.

Google will take features like back and white images and give you a pile of other black and white images that have nothing to do with it.

Other times they may give you other sources, but none that show where it originated (This is something Google still needs to figure out).

That is a common problem with re-blogged images from sites like Tumblr, where a single photo can come up hundreds of times.

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These days I use reverse image search on a daily basis.

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Artists and models can reverse image search to find people illegally using their work... The most straightforward way is to use Google Image Search.

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