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09-Aug-2017 01:14

With my hectic schedule I told her that I will book flight tickets and go out of town and stay in a 5 star hotel for couple of nights. After confirmation from Purna I have arranged everything!

Right after I have landed and started visiting friends and family in India, I got a call from Purna and we want to sit one evening to talk about our travel plans and also to get to know each other.

As we spent an hour or so just exploring our bodies with each other is when I pulled Bujji's Panty down and went down kissing from navel area to lower side and the smell of Bujji's cunt was amazing!!

Honeysuckle: As I went down and started doing honeysuckle Bujji was shivering with ecstasy and her body was responding with my tongue touching her clit and making passionate sounds!

We all went to Nice 3 star restaurant and ordered few drinks.

To play it safe we ordered one coke for Bujji and Purna mixed liquor in her coke and I found it funny but given the culture over in India I understood that it's safe to be that way.

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We went back to our room and Bujji is already very high and asked us who will come first!! Purna went first and started teasing Bujji and asked me to join!!

Bujji's face is very close to me and I could see that it's hurting bujji but she did let Purna to insert his dick into her ass.

It was little difficult for Purna and after few attempts he stopped doing it.

We changes positions again this time I am alone fucking her and I did see Vaseline as I was fucking and I inserted my index finger into her ass while fucking and Bujji got surprised and looked at me!

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I took my finger out and it was that moment I felt ecstatic and got my sperm bursted in to Bujji cunt. I just could not sleep after that for some reason and I kept on drinking more water as I do not want to get dehydrated.

All three of us walked towards restaurant it was well lit and decorated very well. huge lamp sets were erected and lit up and cool breeze coming from sea shore.

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