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I tried to talk about all the duties I enjoyed, but I think my old boss was so hung up on convincing me that it went in one ear and out the other.

But I have a good relationship with her and want to maintain that relationship, as she would be a great resource for me professionally.

I don’t mind the 5- to 10-minute early bird, but some arrive as far as 45 minutes in advance.

Some background: my company works to prepare people for entry or re-entry into the workforce, sometimes by addressing matters of professionalism (attire, conduct, etc.).

But I have just managed to squash it down to three pages partly by replacing a lot of “ands” with ampersands.

What I’ve been doing is using ampersands for groups (e.g., “parks & recreation department”) but “ands” for lists of disparate items (“I did this AND then I did that”). analysis [of] vegetation pattern & condition and plantations” …

I tend to want to conduct myself in a very black-and-white, right-vs.-wrong way, which I realize can work well for some jobs but tends to conflict with my current one, which is all about working with human beings and their many idiosyncrasies.

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Unfortunately for him, he left his employer on his profile.

You can absolutely do that and it can be really helpful.

You just have to be careful not to sound negative about it — you can’t sound resentful or like you’re complaining or eye-rolling.

I get to do teapot sculpting all the time now, which is exactly what I want.

If you ever have a role open up that’s just teapot sculpting, I’d love to talk with you about it.How do I nicely and respectfully say I don’t want to come back to do more of the things I hate?