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12-Jun-2017 07:32

We saw each other twice this past week, and I finally made a communication breakthrough with him.

We got together last Wednesday after work (like we do almost every week).

Personally, I don't think it's pushy/needy/clingy to text once or twice a day if only just to say "Hi" or "Just thinking about you." I also don't think it's a big deal to go a couple of days w/o hearing from each other at all.

I hate it when I feel I must text/call someone otherwise I'd be hurting their feelings.

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So, I went ahead and told him, I really like what we have and where this is going.Many people are 10 years behind in developing their social skills.Important skills that include reading and sending nonverbal cues and talking to another person.His friends like me, and Im spending more time with him and making future plans. With friends, we both typically talk via text message.

So, this doesnt bother me about him, or vice versa.) Usually, hell text me to make plans, well chat about our week a bit, then set a date and time.

I don't expect weekday dates at all, but if she can't find time to even text me thoughout the week.. Thanks everyone, for the advice, though I'm still skittish about texting him too much... I want to text him, but I'm afraid of seeming pushy...